5 To Life: Compassionate Release

To watch "5 To Life: Compassionate Release" from Brave New Films featuring Judge Gertner click here


"When Allison's father was given three months to live she hoped he would be granted compassionate release from prison. The program is supposed to allow for the early release of federal prisoners facing “extraordinary and compelling circumstances”. Unfortunately, as his request completed administrative processing, his health continued to deteriorate. In the end, the Bureau of Prisons (B.O.P.) denied him his request. He passed away soon after. 5 to Life: Compassionate Release pleads with our Members of Congress to fix the obstacles that prevent the terminally ill from living out their lives with dignity. Even under extenuating conditions, very few are granted compassionate release by the B.O.P. We should and we can remove the barriers – watch and share this video with others. "